Who is it?

We are on a journey, but we are not traveling alone.
We are openly searching for God Who is already searching for us.

We accept anyone who is seeking too, to live life together...

a life of faith...
       in community...

to make the world a little more like Heaven.

We grew up Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and without a church... some of us haven't grown up yet.

We are tatooed, torn and tattered by life.
We are pierced, unimpressive, and ordinary.

We are broken, betrayed, and bored.

We are behind bars, taken captive by chains of our own making, alone in a crowded world.

We are single, married, and single-again,
with child and childless.

We are gray, black, white, brown, yellow and red, and mixed up.

We have and have not.  We are penthoused and homeless.
We have lots to offer and we can bring nothing to the table.

We are living a real life,
and dare to be honest about it.

We are not content with the world like it is, and dare to do something about it.

We are not parts on an assembly line, and don't treat others that way.
We are not computers, and don't expect others to act like they are.

We are about people, connecting, growing, developing, discovering, and paying forward.

We open our hands to God and open our arms even to the unlovable with no thought for getting anything back.

We dare to believe in an alternative world that God is unfolding.

Are you like that?  There is room....

Walk with us as we follow Jesus.